China has become the world’s largest producer and seller of jelly

Jelly is one of the favorite snacks among Chinese consumers, and its audience is becoming increasingly diverse from childhood friends to young white-collar workers.

It is reported that China has become the world’s largest producer and seller of jelly. Since entering the Chinese market in the mid-1980s, jelly has quickly gained popularity among consumers, especially teenagers, due to its rich taste and unique taste. After years of development, the Chinese jelly industry has become quite mature with a high concentration of brands. It is estimated that the sales revenue of the jelly industry exceeds 25 billion yuan and is still growing at a relatively fast pace.

Behind the rapid development of the jelly industry is the continuous innovation of products to meet diverse consumer needs, the continuous upgrading of production lines to improve product quality, and the establishment of brand image to enhance consumer stickiness.

Innovate products from multiple perspectives to meet diverse consumer needs——

In recent years, more and more young consumers have been pursuing a healthy diet. Creative jelly products such as konjac jelly and lactobacillus jelly, which focus on “low calorie” and “adding probiotics,” are popular among young people. Jelly has a richer flavor and higher pulp content. For example, in addition to traditional flavors of oranges, strawberries, and peaches, there are more diverse flavors of jelly on the market. Multiple brands have launched new flavors such as white peach oolong tea and passion fruit green tea; Liuliu Mei has launched a jelly product with a pulp content of over 40%, restoring the original flavor of the fruit. Zhang Jiukui, Chairman of the China Baking Food and Sugar Industry Association, stated that for different consumer groups such as children and Generation Z, companies have launched jelly products with different flavors, shapes, and packaging. These products have achieved success in the market with their unique flavor, taste, and packaging design.

Upgrade intelligent production lines to enhance product quality——
In the production workshop of Sichuan Xizhilang Food Co., Ltd. in Suining Economic Development Zone, the automated three-dimensional warehouse displays clear information such as incoming and outgoing products, vacant storage spaces, and occupied storage spaces on the screen. The staff automatically inventory the products through an intelligent control system.

In the Fanchang Economic Development Zone of Wuhu, Anhui, Liulumei has built an intelligent Meijing technology factory, built 20 digital Meijing production lines, introduced intelligent manufacturing equipment, achieved an intelligent rate of 99% and a digitalization rate of 100%, improved production efficiency by 20%, reduced product defect rate by 5%, and ensured product quality.

“By introducing new technologies and production lines, existing jelly products can be technologically improved and quality optimized. The jelly industry can achieve a dual line development of production capacity and quality, promoting comprehensive improvement and efficiency in the jelly industry.” Zhang Jiukui believes that with changes in consumer trends and market demand, consumer concepts have shifted from simply pursuing sensory taste to paying more attention to safety, nutrition, deliciousness, functionality, and fashion. “Jelly products should not only bring deliciousness and pleasure to consumers, but also pay attention to meeting their health needs. Currently, the jelly industry continues to launch new products that are healthy and nutritious. For example, some companies have launched products with health elements such as enzyme jelly to meet consumers’ demand for health factors.” Zhang Jiukui said.

Establishing brand image and enhancing consumer stickiness——

As the industry gradually matures and market competition becomes increasingly fierce, the brand awareness of related enterprises begins to strengthen. The “Xizhilang Jelly Dance” national competition created by Xizhilang has increased brand exposure and gained a large number of fans from the 95s and 00s. Liuliumei focuses on creating the brand image of a new generation of healthy jelly, embodying the natural and healthy concept from formula to packaging.

At present, the trend of high-end and differentiated brands in the jelly industry is obvious, and young consumers are willing to spend more money to purchase more distinctive and healthier products. Zhang Jiukui stated that continuously expanding market space and consumer groups, insisting on developing new products that meet the tastes and needs of different consumer groups, and attracting more consumers are the common mission and responsibility of the industry. “I hope that more industry enterprises can bring their craftsmanship spirit to the extreme, work together, and contribute to the high-quality development of the industry.”

Post time: Apr-25-2024