Common Sense About Jelly

Why do children like jelly? Because jelly is not only beautiful in color, but also very good in taste! What should parents pay attention to when choosing jelly?

Jelly is rich in dietary fiber, which can regulate the stomach and intestines.




1. How old children can eat jelly?

Generally, children over 3 years old can eat with the help of their parents. When eating, parents should warn children not to swallow at one bite. Otherwise, problems are likely to occur. Eat jelly under the supervision of parents, but also pay attention to control the consumption.

Once it is found that the child chokes and suffocates due to eating jelly, the parents should send him to the hospital immediately. In addition, on the way to the hospital, you should hold the child head down, keep patting the back, pressing the abdomen, and strive for the early discharge of foreign bodies. Never drink water. When water is inhaled into the trachea, the consequences are very serious.

At present, jelly on the market can be roughly divided into fruit-flavored jelly, fruit juice jelly, pulp jelly, milk jelly, etc. The fruit-flavored jelly contains relatively rich dietary fiber, which will increase the feeling of fullness, so it is not suitable for children to eat, and may affect digestion. The fruit juice type, fruit pulp type and milk type have their own characteristics. Although they can also be used as snacks for children, they should also be properly controlled according to the daily meal intake.

★ Precautions for children to eat jelly:
1. Children under 3 cannot eat jelly.
2. When eating jelly, you should not smoke it. You should squeeze it out of the shell or dig it out with a spoon.
3. Don’t let children play with jelly in their mouth.
4. When children are eating jelly, do not laugh or play.
Although jelly is delicious, you should also pay attention to safety. If you really want to feed your child, parents must be careful. Don’t let your child eat alone, and don’t gulp.

Post time: Mar-07-2023