How Do Parents Choose Snacks for Their Children

When it comes to snacks for children, the first reaction of many parents is to resist firmly. In fact, it is human nature to love snacks. Especially for children, if you suppress them blindly, they will make snacks more attractive, and bury the hook of temptation in children’s hearts.

In the world of children, snacks are the source of happiness, and childhood without snacks is dull. But if parents want to deprive them of this fun, it is to try pictures crazily at the edge of pressing children.
In fact, parents need not talk about the color change of snacks, because the new nutrition advice: it is necessary to give children snacks.




1. Snacks are not a monster. Children need snacks

Many parents don’t know that it is not enough for children to eat three meals a day. Because the child has a large amount of activity, a vigorous metabolism and a small stomach capacity, even if every meal is full, it may not meet the energy consumption of the body.

It is like a small train running clang, because there is not enough fuel, it will “stop cooking” from time to time.

Therefore, it is very necessary to give children some snacks outside the dinner.

Like rice, snacks are a form of energy supplement for the body. It is not just high-calorie foods such as chocolate, popcorn and potato chips that are called snacks.

Nutritionists suggest that children under 3 years of age should add 2-3 more snacks every day in addition to their meals; Children over 3 years of age also need to have at least one snack every day.

2. Children who “can eat” snacks are healthier

Snacks can provide about 10% of the total daily energy for the human body. “Can eat” snacks can “recharge” the children’s body in time, improve the fatigue state and stabilize the children’s mood.
In addition, if children eat low-salt and low-sugar snacks, they can also develop a good eating habit by cultivating a light taste from childhood.

Post time: Mar-07-2023