Blind Boxtoy Surprise Toys Chocolate Eggs

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Product name: chocolate toy egg
Specification: 20 grams * 16 tablets * 6 boxes
Carton size: 36.5*23*35CM
Gross weight:
Taste: chocolate flavor
Support for OEM,ODM
The chocolate eggs, plastic eggs and toy styles in this product can be customized according to the requirements of customers, please consult the staff for details!

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Blind Boxtoy Surprise Toys Chocolate Eggs6

Chocolate packaging materials are food grade, this is a product designed for children: delicious chocolate, fun toys, a lot of joy.

There are eggs in the eggs, triple surprises, every break open a layer of new surprises, chocolate eggs there is a layer of food-grade plastic eggs, plastic eggs surprise is a lot, thousands of strange, a variety of toys followed, to meet the taste buds of children, but also let children full of more expectations and surprises, really happy in infinity.

Ingenious design, the mere use of silky chocolate to make eggshells without deformation, has required a very high production process.

Let children explore the unknown world at the same time, cultivate children to explore the unknown world. Interest is a good teacher.

Product Vedio


A qualified toy, favorite toys came out of the chocolate eggshell, all kinds of surprises followed, the baby is looking forward to believing that you are happier than me.

Our chocolate eggs contain:
1. Novelty. Every one of them is cute chocolate eggs.
2. After the chocolate egg broke open, there was also a plastic egg.
3. After opening the plastic eggs, all kinds of surprise and fun toys, eat and have fun to make the children more surprised and more looking forward to.

Blind Boxtoy Surprise Toys Chocolate Eggs3

Order of Consumption

1. Open tin paper package
2. Break open chocolate eggs
3. Eat chocolate.
4. Break the egg open again (plastic egg)
5. Greater expectations in plastic eggs (all kinds of strange toys) follow
6. Then the children are full of expectations and surprises.

Life needs to be full of more small expectations, such as delicious chocolate and fun toys are really fun!

Blind Boxtoy Surprise Toys Chocolate Eggs8

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Our company has been committed to the development and research of more fashionable, healthier, more delicious, more novel and other kinds of snacks, the focus is that all our products can be customized according to customer needs and cooperate with the weight, size, specifications, dimensions, packaging shape, packaging design requirements and other services, if you have any needs, feel free to contact us, see the message we will reply to you as soon as possible! Thank you for your support!

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