Nostalgic Fruit Flavor Popping Candy

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Product name: boxed jump sugar
Specification: 1.5g/ package * 100 packets / box * 48 boxes / pieces
Carton size: 54.5 X 28 X 49.5 CM
Gross weight: 11.5 KGS
Taste: mixed fruit flavor (grape, apple, strawberry, orange, lemon, etc.)
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Nostalgic Fruit Flavor Popping Candy5

Exquisite box jump sugar, mixed fruit jump sugar, taste a variety of flavors, sour sweet and sour attack, take you to recall the taste of childhood, with our strength to lock your picky mouth, tongue tip beat, the entrance jump, gently lick, jump, sweet, cool! Delicious in the tip of the tongue, the more addictive to eat, different tastes of the same mood, anytime, anywhere to come a bag.

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New ways to eat:
1. Sprinkle on ice cream ice cream, feel cold and tongue beating double-layer enjoyment, increase children's interest so that you eat another mood.
2. Cake match, good-looking, delicious and interesting, add to the cut fruit;
Add atmosphere and bring good memories to people.
3. Mix the fruit, add it to the cut fruit, jump sugar and feel the fruit delicious.

At the same time, you can also feel the excitement of jumping sugar and so on.

Again quietly tell you: this type of jump sugar exquisite packing box, in the jump sugar food run out, can put at home when the sundries clean up the box, dresser trinket collection box and so on function, is really super great!

Nostalgic Fruit Flavor Popping Candy6

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Our company has been committed to the development and research of more fashionable, healthier, more delicious, more novel and other kinds of snacks, the focus is that all our products can be customized according to customer needs and cooperate with the weight, size, specifications, dimensions, packaging shape, packaging design requirements and other services, if you have any needs, feel free to contact us, see the message we will reply to you as soon as possible! Thank you for your support!

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