Super Pop Yummy Fruit Bubble Gums with Popping Candy

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Pop Pop Bubble Gum is a combination of two delicious foods, Pop Pop Gum and Bubble Gum. It is one of the new and fashionable snacks. When you have Pop Rocks and Bubble Gum in your mouth at the same time, your tongue can feel an unprecedented jump of joy. When you enjoy the joy of Pop Rocks, Bubble Gum can also let you blow out bubbles of various sizes. Everyone will love it!

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Super Pop Yummy Fruit Bubble Gums with Popping Candy1

The juice danced in the mouth, sweet all day. Childhood Aspirations: Endless Pop Rock Feel. No matter how old you are, you can recapture the feelings of childhood from time to time.

Pop candy is a very entertaining snack food.

The carbon dioxide contained in the Pop Rocks vaporizes in the mouth under heat to create a thrust.

To make the popsicle particles bounce around in your mouth.

As soon as the product was introduced, it became popular among children.

The perfect combination of Pop Rocks and Bubble Gum reminds me that this was my favorite flavor when I was a kid. Blow a big bubble and experience the madness of pop candy on your tongue.

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Specifications: 10g * 40 pack * 10 medium pack
Carton Size: 49 * 33 * 24cm
Flavor: Mixed fruit

Super Pop Yummy Fruit Bubble Gums with Popping Candy7

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