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Product name: Konnyaku Jelly
Specifications: 67g *30 strips *6 hanging bags
Carton size: 47*22*21
Flavor: Strawberry flavor, mango flavor, blueberry flavor, green flavor
Support OEM, ODM
It can be customized according to the customer’s requirements, including product weight, packaging length, flavor and flavor of the Konjac jelly bar, product specification and size, etc. Please consult the staff for details!

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For a company not only focused on the jelly industry in the continuous study, continuous attempts, continuous research and development of new products, continuous innovation, new product research and development ability is the industry leader, super long fruit strips, fruit flavor is not greasy and smooth.

Super large capacity more meet the taste buds of friends around the experience.

New ways to share:
1. Open the bag and eat directly.
2. Refrigerate the whole bar for a cooler taste.
3. Open the bag, divide into several small jelly, put into a bowl, and then freeze, wait 4 to 5 hours, come out is a small ice jelly
4. Open the package, divide it into several small jelly, put it into a bowl and add your favorite milk or juice, etc.
5. Cut the jelly strips into small pieces, put in prepared fruits or vegetables and other foods you like, and a delicious salad is born.
6. After unpacking all kinds of Konnyaku jelly flavors, we found a large plate and assembled the jelly sticks with different flavors and colors. Then, we rolled them together with a fork, just like eating noodles.

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Independent packaging, easy to carry,

A variety of ways to eat their own innovation, that is to increase the fun of life, but also improve the practical ability, looking forward to you to share with me more novel more fashionable way to eat!!


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My company has been committed to the development of more fashionable, healthier, more delicious, more novel and so on all kinds of snacks, the focus is that all our products can be customized according to customer needs and with good product weight, size, specification, size, packaging shape, packaging design requirements and other services, if you have any needs, feel free to contact us, We will reply to you as soon as we see the message! Thank you for your support!

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