Colorful Cute Cartoon Pan + Poached Egg Jelly + Popping Candy + Various Emoticon Packaging Film

Short Description:

Name: Poached Egg Jelly Pudding
Net content: Poached Egg Pudding 20g + Popping Candy 1g
Specifications: 20g * 30pcs * 8boxes
Gross weight: 8kg
Carton size: 42*42*27.5cm
Flavor: Milk flavor
Minimum order quantity: FCL custom-made, detailed inquiry
Support OEM, ODM
More forms of packaging can be customized according to customer needs. Please consult or leave a message to customer service for details

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Colorful cute cartoon pan1

1. Simulate the process of omelette, accompanied by the sound of omelette pudding, vivid image
2. Poached egg Pudding + Burst sugar + Super cute cartoon Pan + Spoon
3. Egg yolks are natural sources of beta-carotene
4. Suitable for children over 3 years old to experience delicious fun and enjoy the happy time of parent-child interaction
5. Independent packaging, colorful, easy to carry, portable to share happiness with friends, share the wonderful process of fried eggs
6. Beautiful cute cartoon pan can be used for circular play, such as children playing house games
7. Not only children, we have tried when adults play this poached egg jelly, can also enjoy the pleasure brought by this process, let you relax instantly, feel comfortable, relieve tension, can be said to reduce pressure, kill time, hone patience and so on
8. Support Oems and ODMs
OEM /ODM service: We have ten years of experience in food production, professional OEM production.


1. Wonderful cooking and eating experience with the sound effect of sizzling like a fried egg. Yummy yummy!
2. Play Safe (Plastic mini pot and plastic spoon).
3. Enhance children's hands-on skills.
4. Satisfy children's curiosity about fried eggs.
5. Cultivate children's ability of cooperation and review childhood memories.
6. Food that is new and interesting means more when you share it with your friends.

Colorful cute cartoon pan2


Colorful cute cartoon pan3

Inner packing:
Poached Egg Jelly 20g x1
Popping Candy 1g x1
Beautifully Colored Cartoon Pan x1
Plastic Spoon x1

Fun food games and exercises:
Get out your mini pan and pour in popping candy
Put the poached egg pudding in the pan (it will sizzle) pick up the spoon and stir the eggs and you are done!



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My company has been committed to the development of more fashionable, healthier, more delicious, more novel and so on all kinds of snacks, the focus is that all our products can be customized according to customer needs and with good product weight, size, specification, size, packaging shape, packaging design requirements and other services, if you have any needs, feel free to contact us, We will reply to you as soon as we see the message! Thank you for your support!

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