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Children’s snacks with Popping Candy Jelly Candy
Specifications: 3 PCS/pack 4 PCS/pack 10 PCS/pack (multiple specifications can be customized)

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Bag DIY Poached Egg Pudding6

Flavor: Milk flavor
Minimum order quantity: FCL custom-made, detailed inquiry
1. Simulate the omelette process with the sound of omelette pudding
2. Boiled egg pudding + burst sugar + simulation pot, spade
3. Egg yolks are natural sources of beta-carotene
4. Suitable for children over 3 years old to experience delicious fun, parent-child interaction to enhance parent-child relationship, enjoy parent-child interaction happy time, adult stress reduction
5. Exquisite packaging material selection of food grade PET, B0PP, CPP
6. Support Oems and ODMs
OEM /ODM service: We have ten years of experience in food production, professional OEM production.


Your child will love it because:

Wonderful cooking and eating experience with the sound effect of sizzling like a fried egg. Yummy yummy!

Safe Play (Plastic Mini Pot and Plastic Spoon)

Bag DIY Poached Egg Pudding3

Egg Pudding in a Pan

Bag DIY Poached Egg Pudding4

Cultivate children's ability to cooperate and relive childhood memories;
One of the joys of children's time is the opportunity to experience the joys of cooking; Establish a good parent-child relationship; Play and learn! Delicious and fun Internet celebrity snacks.

Inner package:
Egg Frozen 20g x1
Burst Sugar 1g x1
Plastic pan x1
Plastic Spoon x1

Fun food games and exercises:
Take out your mini pan and pour in the popping candy.
Put the egg pudding in the pan (it will sizzle) pick up a spoon and stir fry the eggs and you are done!



Our Production Scale and Certifications

With a production scale of 20,000 square meters, our domestic and foreign OEM factories are equipped with over 10 professional food production lines. We have obtained HACCP, ISO22000, QS, export qualification, China food safety management system certification, and other certifications, ensuring that our products meet the highest international standards for quality and safety.

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