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Name: Creative Paw Jelly Pudding
Net content: 23g/piece
Specifications: 46g (23g *2 PCS)*20*12 medium boxes
Gross weight: 14.4KGS
Carton size: 43*38.5*26.5
Flavor: Mango flavor, strawberry flavor
Minimum order quantity: FCL custom-made, detailed inquiry
Best-selling countries: best-selling Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America and other dozens of countries
Support OEM, ODM
More forms of packaging can be customized according to customer needs. Please consult or leave a message to customer service for details

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You may have seen claw shaped snacks, but our claw shaped jelly pudding you have to look carefully, every detail is carefully developed by the whole company, repeatedly confirmed to be more delicate, cute and adorable jelly pudding! The colored part of the paw, called the four palm dots, each dot weighs only 0.4 grams, that's right, just 0.4 grams!! This is not only ultra-small capacity ultra-small grams, the requirements of production equipment is more need for higher accuracy!! The idea and design of the whole paw and the packaging to achieve such exquisite, detailed, in order to bring more perfect visual effects to the buyers, remember, we not only pursue perfect visual effects, we in the taste of the product, but also spent enough thought and cost, if you need to customize other flavors, change other colors, you are welcome to contact us at any time! We will serve you well!! The claw jelly pudding is so exquisite and nearly perfect because we are not afraid to challenge, try, change and innovate even when the production is extremely difficult, and finally we did it!! At present, in the whole jelly industry, this high difficulty and high technology content of the production process only we do!!


Creative Paw Jelly Pudding is not only cute and beautiful, but also delicious, zero fat, free to eat, fruity, delicious and filling.

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My company has been committed to the development of more fashionable, healthier, more delicious, more novel and so on all kinds of snacks, the focus is that all our products can be customized according to customer needs and with good product weight, size, specification, packaging shape, packaging design requirements and other services, if you have any needs, feel free to contact us, We will reply to you as soon as we see the message! Thank you for your support!

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