DIY Chocolate Rainbow Jelly Pudding, Chocolate Beans Candy with Fruit Flavored Jelly Pudding

Short Description:

Name: Colorful Rainbow Pudding
Bring chocolate candy children’s snacks
Specifications: 27.5g *12 packs *12 boxes/piece
Gross weight: 5.9kg per case
Carton size: 47*32* 23.5cm
Flavor: Milk chocolate flavor
Minimum order quantity: FCL custom-made, detailed inquiry

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DIY Chocolate Rainbow jelly pudding5

1. The fusion of colorful chocolate beans and white milk jelly pudding, like a rainbow after the rain, rich and colorful!
2. Milk flavored Buding Jelly + Popping candy + Colorful flat bottom ears + spatula.
3. Chocolate beans are chocolate coated with multicolored icing .
4. Suitable for children over 3 years old to experience the fun of artificial rainbow, while enjoying a happy time of parent-child interaction, promote the fun of parent-child interaction.
5. Exquisite packaging material selection of food grade PET, B0PP, CPP.
6. Support Oems.

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Inner package:

Jelly Pudding 25g x1
Colorful Chocolate Beans 2.5g x1
Double aural Pan x1
Plastic Spoon x1



[Two-ear Pan Colorful Rainbow Pudding]
Cultivate children's cooperation ability, satisfy children's curiosity, hone children's patience, relive childhood memories;
One of the joys of children's time is to add more fun to life; Establish a good parent-child relationship; Play and learn, delicious and fun new milk chocolate flavored snacks

Fun food games and exercises:
1. Get out your mini pan;
2. Put the jelly pudding in the pan
3. Take out the M&Ms and place the chocolate on top of the pudding
4. Wait 1-2 minutes
The amazing artificial rainbow has appeared



Your child will love it, because:

When the child put the chocolate into the prepared position on the jelly, let it stand for 1 to 2 minutes, there will be a colorful rainbow, then you can experience a delicious taste, this play process not only satisfies the child's curiosity, but also hone the child's patience.

Safe Play (Plastic Mini Pot and Plastic Spoon)


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